Wireless Infrastructure

ScanTexas provides a complete set of services to design and install high performance, high availability wireless computing networks in Distribution Centers and Manufacturing Facilities. ScanTexas will install Motorola access points or wireless switches, depending upon specific customer need.

LAN Planner allows ScanTexas to design and install professionally validated wireless computing infrastructure solutions. A validated heat map will be produced that details the wireless quality of service that has been implemented. Professionally validated wireless installations provide optimal wireless network performance

Building a wireless network that delivers superior quality of service and maximum value from your investment means designing it for the conditions in which it operates and the capacity and coverage that customers require. The multitude of wireless applications, impact of environmental factors, and variety of network equipment configurations can present daunting challenges to even the most experienced wireless network designer

Current RF networks (including 802.11 communications) communicate at 11 Mb up to 54Mbps, which is very fast for most transaction oriented systems whether character or GUI based. Newer standards like 802.11a or 802.11g specify higher speed (54 Mbps) data rates that are more appropriate for wireless PC network GUI applications that send a lot more data than transaction based systems. Remember that the new higher speed access points will have limited coverage ranges of around 100 feet, versus the 200-700 feet range we currently experience.

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